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. sandra endo is in ocean city in maryland. you've seen the deteriorating weather conditions there. george howell in kill devil hills, north carolina, on the outer banks. has for hours now. let's begin with rob marciano for the latest on what sandy is doing right now. when she is expected to make landfall, and how it will be all the way through. rob? >> good morning, again, soledad. the center of sandy is about 380 miles southeast of -- of new york city. the wind field expanding. we've got 800 miles of tropical storm force winds that will be battering this coastline. and just in the last hour, winds and rain have picked up here along the jersey shore. satellite pictures showed you just how immense this storm system is. second only to hurricane olga. but tied now with the 1938 historic hurricane, the long island express, as far as barometric pressure goes. historic event unfolding already. the trag of this expected to make a left turn toward the delmarva, peninsula. making landfall later on tonight. as massive as this is, the affects are going to be felt as far north as the canadian border
to rain havoc on the east coast. certainly happened here in new york city. today there are rescues under way. thousands of people in danger, potentially, in three towns in bergen county, new jersey, after a levee break there. right now an enormous fire is burning in the queens section of new york. 50 homes have destroyed. a transformer explosion to tell you about. ripped through the night as people described a powerful explosion, very loud. look at those pictures. update you on what happened at that con ed plant. 260 patients including babies from the nicu evacuated from a major hospital in new york city. historic record-breaking flooding consuming manhattan and parts of the northeast, as well. homes are under water and more than 6 million people are in the dark this morning. transportation is at a standstill. could be days before things get back to normal. cnn is covering the aftermath of the storm, and superstorm sandy's next path, like no other network can. it is tuesday, october 30th, and special coverage begins right here on "starting point." >>> lots to get to this morning. let's s
, that massive fire that burned 80 homes to the ground. when sandy hit new york city. cnn crew on the scene is reporting to us a strong smell of methane gas. a utility pole spontaneously burst into flames earlier this morning. officials are now assessing whether the gas levels there are excessively high in this neighborhood, and that could force those fire crews to evacuate. right now, 6.6 million people still without electricity across 15 states, and washington, d.c. nearly 2 million of them are here in new york where flooded subways has transportation at a virtual standstill. not to mention all the property damage and destruction, including those 80 homes that were consumed by that fire in queens. recovery from superstorm sandy could be as mayor michael bloomberg is calling it, a massive, a mammoth job. meteorologist rob marciano is in chelsea, new york, this morning with the latest on the damage there. rob, good morning. >> good morning, soledad. well, some of the damage behind me, one of a few buildings that were ripped off. nobody hurt miraculously. lower manhattan is still in the dark
look at this, category 1, and you know, atlantic city, we've had worse. not necessarily, because the wind field with this is going to be so big it's going to impact hundreds of miles of coastline and tens of millions of people. a long duration wind event. power lines. be prepared to be without power. big-time coastal flooding. even on the backside of this, soledad. a decent amount of snow for the folks who live in the mountains of west virginia. it's got it all. >> and what are we looking at now, when it hits? >> looks like monday night into tuesday. but if it stays offshore and goes a little bit farther to the north, it would be tuesday night into wednesday. the time is now really to start preparing your home for the potential of having to deal with this storm for several days and maybe being without power for several days. >> this is the weekend to make preparations. rob marciano following for us. thank you, appreciate it. >>> another devastating story that we're following this morning, absolutely horror. a mother came home to her apartment in new york city and two of her three
is the bone-chilling temperatures. a cold snap is gripping roughly two-thirds of the country. dozens of cities saw record lows over the weekend. the midwest in an early deep freeze including in sioux city, iowa, where they're bottoming out at 15 degrees. alexandria steele is live in the extreme weather center. good morning. >> good morning to you, soledad. it certainly is cold around the country. all right, yesterday alone, 170 record low high temperatures, meaning the afternoons were well below average. st. louis only 51, should have been 68. places that should have been in the 60s were well below average. so freeze threat today. you can see kind of how widespread it is from the upper midwest to texas through the mid-atlantic. places like ohio, running about a week and a half ahead of schedule with their first freeze. it's well below average and certainly a little bit earlier than normal. coldest thus far of the season, we saw it begin last week in the northern plains and upper midwest. now migrating into the south and east. today really kind of the coldest of the low and then temperatures wi
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of a million kids in new york city, garden of dreams has been a magical opportunity to explore some of the best, biggest iconic experiences in new york city. garden of dreams foundation has been helping kids in foster care, homeless shelters across the city since 2006. new york held an event like many they put on throughout the year, featuring celebrities from the new york knicks, new york rangers, radio city rockettes. new york knicks legend and current assistant general allan houston joining us today and grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, co-hosting aa show on fuse, ashanti. so much fun with these kids. tell me about your connection to garden of dreams. >> it's a wonderful foundation. i think just to be able to reach out to so many different found aation and help these dreams come aaalive, under privileged kids, kids in shelter homes and things like that, it creates a a unique situation a. >> take all these great experiences, they can go to new yo york, radio city hall, the new york knicks. tell me about that. >> you hit it on the head. you take all the properties of the knicks, rang
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the panic he sets across new york city and across america. we've seen this kind of plotting, obviously on 9/11, when they hit the world trade center, which wasn't just a building, it was the idea of american power. we saw plotting against banks after 9/11 by al qaeda. we saw al qaeda videos showing they had cased banks again in new york city. so they've thought about this repeatedly, not just as a way to damage a building, but as a way to destroy the american psychology that says, money is what makes america tick. >> and i should say, he's quoted by the fbi, in the fbi complaint against him, as saying that. let me clarify that. so what kind go ahead and just arrest him, when there was enough of a paper trail around what he was hoping to do, as opposed to letting the entire plot play out. >> there's a couple reasons for doing that. the first is a reason we haven't talked much about in the media the past day. and that is, you don't want to just understand him, you want to understand whether there's a broader conspiracy here. you want to understand, where's the money? who recruited him? who di
senator john barrasso. stephanie cutter of the obama campaign. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and comedian d.l. hughly will join us. "starting point" begins right now. morning. welcome, everybody. lots to talk about, it's the final showdown. you're looking at lynn university in boca raton, florida. in 14 hours, president obama, mitt romney, will be on that stage in those chairs, they'll be facing off for foreign policy. it will be their third and final debate. 15 days until the nation votes. and this could be shaping up to be one of the most critical events before that vote, because a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll, which was conducted after the second debate, shows the two rivals are locked in this absolute dead heat. let's get right to white house correspondent brianna keilar. she's in boca already this morning. brianna, good morning. >> hi, good morning to you, soledad. that's right. when you look at that poll, 47-47. neck and neck, that's what this is telling us. still a neck and neck race. margin of error there about 3 1/2 points, and also continuing kind of the trend
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, are threatening to sue the city because their homes are literally crumbling. city workers incorrectly expand ed a drainage system, causing this landslide. city officials deny that, calling it a natural event. >>> more poll numbers coming in. these are very unscientific poll numbers based on halloween mask sales. there is a clear front-runner for president, president obama. spirit halloween, the largest seasonal halloween retailer in america says obama masks have out-sold the romney version 60% to 40% and the chain says they have accurately predicted the election winner since they started keeping track way back in 1996. so you have that, soledad. >> like the ppp poll. we don't follow that one either. john, thank you very much. >>> we're wrapping up here in florida. special coverage of the final debate which saw candidates make their case for how they would represent the united states across the world. mitt romney nearly even with president obama on the question of whether he could handle the job of commander in chief. the close margin could be a sign that despite the president's accomplishments
. >>> all right we had some heart-stopping video out of new york city. a 72-year-old man desperately trying to escape a fire hangs on for dear life from this third floor apartment window. then, he lets go. there it is. wow. friends and neighbors below, they catch him. the whole thing, meanwhile, caught on cell phone video. local stations are reporting that ronnie poe did not suffer any broken bones. lucky man. >>> american airlines has grounded several of its 757s after a row of seats came loose on two separate flights. first on saturday, then again yesterday. a spokeswoman for american says an initial investigation found there may be an issue with certain seat models and how they fit into tracks meant to keep them in place. the faa is also looking into what happened. my gosh. >> can you imagine that? >> first of all your flight leaves on time you're like woo-hoo. oh, no, my seat's not bolted down. ahead on "starting point," after some high profile stumbles the debate pressure is on mitt romney. what is his strategy for tomorrow night? up next, virginia governor bob mcdoneal who backs the g
through the city. there was this traffic. there were these windy roads. as you know, benghazi, a pretty decent size city in libya. there was a t lot of traffic out in the evening. they made their way to the annex. there was another few hours of firefight between additional extremists and additional team of u.s. guards, if you will, that were kind of a quick reaction force that came back to the annex and after a couple of hours they said, listen, we really have to get out of here and they evacuated everybody. they found ambassador stevens at the hotel actually at the hospital actually someone at the hospital didn't know who he was. fished into his pocket and took out his cellphone and started calling people on the cellphone to determine that it was ambassador stevens. they got his body and they got out of benghazi. >> so when you read the details and start to understand what transpired, you really realize that the chaos of just how horrible it was. when there are questions that are now being raised and raised for a while now about the lack of security, what are the explanations from the
former u.s. congressman joe sestak will join us. kamau bell is our guest and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani will be joining us this morning. "starting point" is, of course, the highly anticipated rematch, the second presidential debate just a day away. the race is at tight as it gets. two brand-new polls to talk about this morning. first from "the washington post"/abc news. president has a slim three-point lead among likely voters. well within the margin of error. even closer in a politico/george washington university poll this morning, the president's lead among likely voters is just one percent which makes it a statistical dead heat. battleground states now. the poll has mitt romney ahead of the president by two points, essentially tied. while the abc/"washington post" poll shows the president with a five-point lead in the battleground states. both campaigns looking forward to the debate tomorrow night. tackling president obama's lucklaster performance, as well. listen. >> he knew when he walked up that stage, and he also knew as he's watched the tape of that debate that he'
federal charges for allegedly trying to open emergency exit door of a moving jet in salt lake city. that's a bad idea. he told federal agents he'd been drunk for 50 days running. that's also a bad idea. and he thought the plane's wing was on fire. delta flight 1215 from boston to salt lake city had just touched down monday night when the man leaped from his seat and began trying to pry the exit door open. he was subdued by passengers. >> can you imagine being on that plane? you'd be like sit down. >> i can't imagine -- >> physically fighting. >> what you're looking at is the video we've been telling you about. the youth league football coach who was caught on camera punching a referee in the face. he is now facing battery charges in florida. west park saints assistant coach dion robinson was apparently upset about unsportsmanlike conduct, a call made against him during the game. and robinson's fellow coaches are actually standing by him. they say the ref here was in the wrong. not sure how that could be. the miami dade extreme youth football league, it is extreme, is how considering kick
. that he would use an executive order, the mexico city executive order, so that funding isn't used to pay for abortions abroad. i mean, this is just -- listen. you want -- >> do you intend to pursue legislation regarding abortion? so i'm going to read to you the verbatim of what that interview said. do you intend to pursue legislation -- >> you can say that all you want. >> i'm only repeating it because it's a complete contradiction. >> just keep repeating it and repeating and repeating it. >> i would like you to answer it. explain to me how stnit isn't a contradiction. >> it isn't a contradiction. he's sitting there in front of "the des moines register" editorial board. they're talking about specific legislation in congress. you know what? he is going to have a piece of legislation in his budget that says that there isn't going to be taxpayer money used for abortion. >> so that's legislation then? >> why can't you accept that? >> because you've just admitted a contradiction. i hear you, i get it. i get it. you're going to stick to your -- i'm going to stick to my -- >> he's talk about co
? the airline this morning now says they know the cause. >>> also a big health scare at a big city hospital. doctors are now rushing to try to trace the source of a deadly form of meningitis. hours before president obama and governor romney face off for the first time in prime time, you had heard from the romney camp earlier this morning. stephanie cutter, deputy manager from the obama campaign will join us to talk about their strategy.'p/wlÑkñ0k9%"@n ♪ nope. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. don't worry, there's plenty left for you dad. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst col
today? >> he had more media than we think he did. every city in america had not one newspaper, but five, 10, 15 newspapers. and they were as partisan as any blogs or websites today. and they would take his words and twist them. so, he had more message discipline, you want to talk about that, as a political virt virtue. his message discipline was incredible, the time he would spend over every word he was going to say so that what went out from him was exactly what he wanted to say at any given time. and this was the beginning of the modern age. it's not the end of the past. he had the telegraph. he invented the role of commander in chief. before that, it was in the constitution, but nobody knew what that meant. the general would march out to fight in mexico and would soon be out of range of communication and whatever the president thought, the general was going to do what he wanted. lincoln could be in communication every day. >> what's the advice? if you could sit down with governor romney and president obama and say, listen, i've just written this giant bok on lincoln, here's what you
to help track terrorists. the city's police commissioner says lieutenant jonathan josey will be suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss after he served that suspension, he punched the woman last weekend during philadelphia's puerto rican parade. the video has been viewed now more than a million times. >>> detroit tigers slugger miguel cabrera celebrating the rarest defeats this morning. a triple crown. he finished the season leading the american league in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in. the last player to win a triple crown was boston's carl yastrzemski. >>> the new wild card format setting up a wild finish to baseball's regular season. the new york yankees, they beat the boston red sox last night, 14-2, to clinch the american league east title for the 14th time in 17 years. whoopty doo. and the a's win the division with a 12-5 victory over the texas rangers yesterday. it is playoff time in baseball, soledad. >> yes, it is. and my kids were so happy about that. watching the yankees game. i'm sorry, you don't root for the yankees, do you? which team do you root for? >>
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Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)